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Thread: 2 coyote down

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    Default 2 coyote down

    Hey guys,

    Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year.

    I've been after these coyote ever since the middle of December when I would see them showing up at the farm every time I went out for some late season deer.

    I had a really great deer season taking a buck and a doe and hadn't seen any coyote until late season.

    I had a huge 11 pointer show up on camera and I decided to try my luck and give it a go but every time I went out, sure enough coyote would always be walking around. I would see them about 80 yards away ( too far for crossbow) walking the same path around the same time ( 3pm)

    It's been a few weeks since I had a chance to get out but this past Saturday I had a chance.

    It was the day we got hit with that major snowstorm.

    That didn't stop me and my buddy from trying it out.

    I figured we should go for an afternoon hunt since they were always seen around the 3 o'clock hour.

    We got to the farm at 2 and I had set up the primos spinning rabbit decoy 30 yards away and had the foxpro caller with a cottontail in distress going.

    We were set up just before 3.

    I started with the volume way up and 2 minutes later I lowered the volume and let the call go on for about 5 mins.

    I waited 2 minutes and started calling again.

    It was snowing really bad and out of the corner of my eye I see a coyote charging at my decoy. I had enough time to raise my shotgun and I dropped her in her tracks.

    After we went for a closer look and took a few pictures we decided to give it another shot since we drove through a snowstorm and had only been hunting for about 20 minutes.

    We sat down again and I waited 10 minutes to settle things down and I started calling again. Same call and volume settings.

    Again within 10 minutes another coyote came rushing in to the decoy.

    He gave me a perfect 30 yard shot and I rolled him pretty good.

    This was a really fun and fast hunt.

    A nice big female and male that wont be bugging and deer or Turkey this winter.
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    Congrats on some nice yotes, I"m sure the turkeys will thank you
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    Good job on getting them with a shotgun too.

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    Nicely done! Got to love it when things play out well.

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    Good Shooting! keep at it and get a few more.

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    I bet the snow coming down hard had helped getting them within shotgun range. Visibility would have been hindered somewhat. Goes to show you what can be accomplished under adverse conditions. Good on you guys for getting out and getting it done...
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    Way to go! Exciting hunt!

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    nice to get a double ! awesome

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    Congrats. Fast action and fast shooting. Sounds like a great afternoon.
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    Well done sir!

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