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Thread: Alternatives to AirBNB - especially now they are giving $300K to docs that hate firearms

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    Cool Alternatives to AirBNB - especially now they are giving $300K to docs that hate firearms

    Given the outrageous lies and complete lack of integrity/truth "Docs" spew the fact a company like AirBNB would donate to them shows they should be avoided so... if you want to set a record in being twitter blocked from a page post a link on there to the RCMP or Statscan showing they are lying and Docs will block you faster than you can type "The real facts are" and paste the link...
    "Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns calls on Bill Blair to ban sale of semi-automatic weapons without delay"

    SO... 12 alternatives

    A couple searches...
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    $300K worth of virtue signalling because they're in shyte up to their eyeballs. There's many municipalities that want them gone because they're more trouble than they're worth.
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    Amen brothers ! My apartment building in Toronto has a few BnB's in it. Those are units that some body or family could be living in and considering the short fall of apartments to rent in that city I call it criminal that somebody profits from it ! All well and good if you own a house and want to do such a deal but to take badly needed rental space off the market...……. wtf ? As for BnB donating money...… especially to those schmucks that have to deal with gang bangers and the end results..... I say Boo Fn Hoo ! Do your job and keep your political views to yourself.
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