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    Default Thinking out of the box

    I must say I am impressed with this guy called Dean and his innovative approach to securing hunting land permissions.

    Create a concern, provide a perceived solution and hunt away!

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    Hope he has better luck..

    I've had people call about birds( pigeons) , rats( yup real rats), tree rats( squirrels), and things like raccoons, Opossums, and skunks.

    They are ok with me doing things for free, but the train derails when they find out the animals are going to be dead.

    "..but can't you just catch them and drive them to the woods?"

    " I don't want the raccoon hurt, I just want it to stop wiping snot on my door and windows( Distemper). It's hard to wash it all off before the kids get home from school."

    Best luck buddy.
    Take the warning labels off. Darwin will solve the problem.

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    I had 6 trail cams out in my bush this past fall....not a single pic of a coyote...notta...but I lay awake a 2:00 am listening to them in they yard.

    Good luck trying to cull a bunch in exchange for hunting rights
    Arte et marte (By Skill and by Fighting)...The RCEME motto

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    a valiant effort on kijiji guys part :P

    i remember being desperate when i started out. almost posted on kijiji but a it was flooded with other want ads...

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    Creative and respectable way to network and break the ice with land owners.

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    Scouting all done if he does get permission.
    "Only dead fish go with the flow."
    Deer Hunter

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