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    So the plan was to head up Saturday morning, stop at the cottage, pick up my gear and than fish Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. In the winter we use the sleds to access the cottage as the driveway is 2km long and it's just not worth keeping it open. Well made it 0.5 km and came upon this:

    So had to walk the remaining 1.5k in and back out with the chainsaw. By the time I finished the walking, got the saw running and got the tree out of the way i decided to change my plans and sit by the wood stove and relax. Slept in until 9 so it was 1030 Sunday morning before i was out on the lake.

    Day was absolutely gorgeous:

    Almost immediately i had a 10.5 and 11.5 inch perch:

    Soon after those 2 I hooked what i thought was a decent size walleye as it was peeling line off my reel. I got it to the bottom of the hole and saw the biggest perch i have ever seen in my life. Sad to say at that point the spoon caught on the bottom edge of the hole and dislodged from the fish. After that it was quiet for about an hour and than i started catching 14 or 15 inch walleye regularly (8 total on the day):

    At about 445 pm some bigger walleye moved in and started hammering my minnow tipped spoon. In 15 minutes i burned through 9 minnows but only managed to ice 3 of them. At this point i was out of minnows. 2 of the 3 were about 17 inches but the guy who inhaled my second last minnow was the prize - he was 18.5 and came home with me:

    So day's total was 2 perch and 11 walleye including my first keeper this season. Also had a visit from a group of 3 COs. They were quite pleasant. One last thing - I really need to stud the track on my sled - sliding all over today. Some scratchers as well as i would ride 2km and than stop for 10 minutes to let the sliders cool. Turned 12 km on the ice into an hour long ride.
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    Nice fish congrats
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    Great day, congrats.
    Yeah I know the feeling with those down trees.
    I have 3.5 km to the camp that I have to keep open.
    Always have my chainsaw with me for that reason.
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    Nice...... looks like you are living the reading your stories about your adventures
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    I was going to ask how did you keep your hyfax from melting to your track. Scratchers work great BTW

    Great trip and thanks for sharing
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