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Thread: No need to hunt or fish out of season!!!

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    Default No need to hunt or fish out of season!!!

    I dropped into the local grocery store in Chesley and I would say that all of their shelves are fully stocked. Lots of vegetables, potatoes(100’s of bags), dairy, eggs cheese, MEAT, etc.
    So all of those people that were saying they were going to do what had to be done can now relax and do your “survival hunting” at the grocery store! And anyone that was hoarding food last week can stay ho e and be safe.
    They say that desperate times show people’s true colours. This is so true.
    Good luck, be safe but keep your distance. In the next few weeks you will be shocked by the number of people contracting Covid-19 Coronavirus in the world and also the number of deaths. North America’s numbers are going to take a huge leap in the next couple of weeks. Be calm and stay away from others for now.

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