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Thread: Talking to antis about the reality of trapping

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    Default Talking to antis about the reality of trapping

    Hi, I'm not a trapper, I'm just reading about it. I'm new to hunting and conservation. I have a trapper friend who went into that occupation because she's autistic and being out in the woods serves her better than a mainstream job would. Even if it doesn't pay much these days.

    I've also had lots of anti-trapping friends. You've heard about the fierce backlash against the conibear trap. Ironically, at the time it was introduced, it was heralded for being a more humane alternative to the leg-hold traps of the time. Queen Elizabeth II herself met Frank Ralph Conibear to congratulate him.

    What can I say to anti-trappers who think all trappers are wildlife-hating sadists?

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    If their minds are made up then there's just about nothing you can say. Like it or not, trapping has a history of cruelty and when trappers came under the gun in the '60's and 70's for their archaic methods many of them still refused to change. It took the entire rejuvenation of the commercial fur laws coupled with compulsory trapper ed courses just to get their attention and show that the government meant business.
    The other problem of course is that it will always be difficult to justify the killing of an animal for the sake of fashion when that same fur can be made synthetically.
    It will always be easier to justify hunting and fishing over trapping with the exception of nuisance animal removal. In reality your only recourse is to try to educate them with the concept of population control which leads to the overall health of the species. Use mink and marten for your examples.

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    Hi Skull&Bones, Sawbill nailed it with his reply but I can also add that trapping also limits property damage/flooding when it comes to dispatching Beavers and pet/swimmer attacks when it comes to using drowning sets to remove Muskrats (seen it with my own eyes!)

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