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Thread: Ottawa men charged with manufacturing a firearm - Ban Metal or must have a license

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox View Post
    You can just go F yourself if you think I do not know what the hell I am talking about.

    The standard definition of a firearm in Canada is the receiver, which before this OIC did not include AR Uppers as the Lower was the receiver of the gun, this is why you would be able to buy a number of uppers without any license.

    What seems to evade your brain is the section in the OIC, let me repeat with a quote.


    4 The upper receiver of any firearm referred to in item 87 of Part 1 of this schedule. "

    "Other" is a section in the RCMP release, item 87 of Part 1 of the schedule specifies AR-15, AR-10 and other AR style firearms being banned.

    Therefore, the Upper is now considered a prohibited device. If you are using an AR-15 upper on another firearm lower that is no a prohibited firearm you are still in possession of a prohibited device.

    I suggest you pi$$ off and go read the thing again.
    Did you get the sh&* beat out of you alot as a kid? I am not debating the the facts of the ban.......I am taking offence to your half baked assumption that I was doing something illegal.

    If someone bought a lower with the intent to build a gun and then handed in a lower - what is illegal with that? Same as if someone bought a complete gun and sold off components and was about to buy custom components when the ban took effect and handed in lower only (or an incomplete gun). Again what is illegal about that. Do you even have a gun on this list? Does this even effect you?

    I suggest you stay the hell in your lane little man as I am running short on crayons to keep explaining this to you.
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