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    the morning:

    Went out with a buddy and got to a spot at 5:15 or so to listed from a high point. we get one gobble off the limb and then the silent treatment. we finally spot him in the tree line of the neighbouring property. i have never seen a more disinterested bird before. he barely even looks over at us from 150yds away despite our calls of love. He moves off into the bush and we know he's not interested. we left a little disappointed. (found 3 morels though! my first ones ever)

    we hopped in the truck and drove around the corner and by 7:30 we were at the corner of a new field to see if we could get lucky. first call in and a gobbler responds and close <200 yds but we can't see through the tree line. i start crawling up to the tree line which is actually a farmer ditch and get eyes on the turk. he's on top of a small knoll strutting his stuff, look to the right and theres a hen in the field too, as i keep looking, there are about 6 or 7 turkeys just hanging out. my buddy continues to call and the Tom responds sparingly but doesn't move from his spot. i quickly realize if this is going to happen we have to go to them. i start crawling down the ditch checking in every 20 or 30m to make sure noone has moved off. my buddy stayed back to keep calling. i finally make it to the group after a 150m or so belly type crawl, soaking wet and slowly crawl out of the ditch into the tall grass and set up prone.

    Looking through the grass, it was very hard to tell how far they were, some were definitely well in range of less than 25yds but others maybe not. a close bird with a red-head who caught some sublte movement started giving me the stink eye but without seeing a beard, i didn't shoot. the bird didn't spook either. with the wind, it was probably hard to tell why the grass was moving, just stared at me. The boss tom was still on the knoll with hens mingling about. finally i decided to take the shot. there were hens nearby so i need to wait till they move off so i didn't catch them with the spread. laying prone and the turks calm gave me plenty of time to wait for a good shot, finally the gobbler moved a few steps toward me and away from the hens so i let out a few yelps to raise his head and boom. dropped on the spot, no flapping, just stoned him.

    this was my first stalk on a turkey and probably my favourite hunt to date. late to work but well worth it.

    final stats: 10" beard, 7/8" spurs and 19.5 lbs.

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    Sounds like fun and hard work. A well earned bird. Cool story.

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    Congrats and well done

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