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    Spent the last 6 days relaxing at the cottage. Lots of time on the main lake where the water temp was as warm as i have ever seen it:

    81.4 F at the transducer. Hit the odd pocket where it maxed out at 82.1 F.

    Fishing on our lake was slow so the wife and i loaded up the zodiac and 4 wheeled into a back lake where we can roll it out without too much trouble (other than the deer flies).

    We hit the water late at about 1130 am and fished until T'storms started rolling in around 4 pm. We landed 8 bass between 1 and 2 lbs and scads of little whipper snappers. Catch was pretty evenly split between largemounth and smallmouth. Tackle for the day consisted of a 1/4 ounce jig with an orange minnow grub attached for the wife and a double blade white spinner bait for me. These were what we started and ended with as they worked:

    Only one minor incident. I don't know this particular lake that well so when on the move the wife is supposed to be spotting for obstacles. She somehow missed a bus sized rock with only 4 inches of clearance. Zodiac drove right up on top of it and looked like a beached whale. I had to strip down and get out to get us free. Fortunately that little boat takes a beating with no harm done. Wife took pictures but they all have me in my scivvies so we won't subject the reader to that.

    Was a good day but ended a little earlier than planned due to the storms. This was on Sunday and we never saw another soul the entire time we were out. T'storm rolling in on the way out:

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    Great report, you both look like you enjoyed that day!

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    Sounds like a perfect afternoon, great job. Also sounds like you have a little slice of heaven where your property is.....
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    Sounds like you guys had a great outing............. Nice partner ..... wish my wife would take a more active role
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    Nice, great report,

    Yes, any boat mishap around here is the wifeís fault also,

    Was at the camp for 5 days, I donít remember the water being so warm. Nice for swimming, not so sure about the fish well being. I had to pull off a few blood suckers off my legs, never seen so many on my beach?
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