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Thread: Still cannot post pics

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    In IMG when you click on the picture to share, click on it again so there is a black background(not grey) then copy the link and post it here

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    Quote Originally Posted by 410001661 View Post
    Hmm have you tried cropping the photos? There's a bunch of black space surrounding your pics, perhaps the Forum can't hold something that wide. Try cropping them and reposting.

    Also you can e-mail me at if you'd rather troubleshoot that way. I can walk you through what I did to post your pictures (please see below).
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    It's possible the issue is linked to his account. Had an issue with one of our systems where the user account could not for some reason submit any files. Can't say what the problem was as I am not the person who owned the software, I just maintain databases these days.

    May I suggest someone Log in as him and see if they can upload a picture. I think he is trying to upload use the OOD Photo section. The error seems to indicate that he has reached his limit, but according to him he only has a few pics in there.

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