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    I've seen hot sausages drive a grown man away from a card table at the camp. The one Italian guy (Marco) brought up a pile of really good home made Italian garlic/red chilli pepper sausages that were out of this world. The boys had been pigging them during the day when they were hunting. The combined stink from five guys at the card table finally put the old boy over the top, who had been raised in an era where farting was not considered funny. He finally slammed his cards down on the table and barked " boys, I am PARTICULARLY NOT FOND OF YOUR STENCH!!!". This set the one guy off in hysterics, and as he was laughing he lost control of his guts and let out one of those gattling gun stutter farts that must have gone on for a good 10 seconds. . The wall of dung hit the old boy like a grain shovel in the side of the head. He got up mad as hell, cursing, and stormed out the door (with five guys crying now). They blamed it on Marco.....

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