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Thread: The more Things Change, The more they stay the same

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    Default The more Things Change, The more they stay the same

    With all of the Chaos with shut downs and Covid things seemed to go back to some sort of normalcy , at least at the range.
    After having a restriction lifted at our club and with the advent of cooler temperatures I felt is was time to blow the dust off one of my smokeless muzzys and see how much was different ( with either my shooting form or equipment and loads).
    I didn't do any scope adjustments and shot with a free hold off of my rest. It amazing how much different individual components will differ with all other things being equal.
    The first target was shot with my go to load using 300 gr Hornady .458 modified bullets that I full form sized.
    The second using 300 gr XTP Mag also FF sized.
    I feel the tougher jacket on the Mags reflects on the difference in POA and the accuracy.
    All in all not too bad for a first outing, I have to oil the hinges a little.

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    Nice shooting, good to see some ML guys out making smoke.

    Is the ML barrel rifled... maybe the tougher jacket on the Mag isn't grabbing the rifling as well..
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    Good shooting!

    I shot my savage 10ML ii a couple of days ago. I did need to make a small tweak to the scope but all in all she is right on the money with clover leaf groups...

    I am waiting for a few odds and ends for my second 10MLii and am looking forward to seeing if It's as accurate as my current 10ML ii...

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    Good shooting sir.

    I went out Wednesday to test some pills put through the swing lock smooth form die.
    250 XTP with a mild IMR 4198 powder load at 2700 FPS.


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