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Thread: Can not upload pictures

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    Needs a new keyboard

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    Thank You all for the help! Really appreciate it!

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    Needs a new keyboard

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    Just a follow up!

    First of all-thank You again to all for the help(.I have now a backdoor insurance...........)
    Secondly-i still believe there is an issue with the Forum regarding picture posting,

    Reasons-few other members complained on Hunting threads in the last few days about their issue posting pictures,similar to what i was saying...
    On this Sunday i started a thread-and attached 2 pictures to the thread.
    One picture is about 1.8 MB,the other one is 1.1 MB.

    i managed to attach both without DOING ANYTHING! Just followed what i did for the past 10 years..........(was doing a trial!)

    More surprisingly-they got SHRUNK to about 20 KB at the point of uploading them to the Forum.!!!???
    Again-i DID absolutely nothing differently and did not work on shrinking them

    ps-i did deleted almost all my attachments from the forum(shame-because they may be sought after-maybe not, but that is not the point) .That brought me down to 3.2 MB usage( 20 pictures)-BUT,i was never more then about half of the Forum allocation in MB.

    Oh-and even though the note say-not used pictures will be deleted in an HOUR-that actually never happened(until i did not delteted my attachments from the posts).
    Now,if this is me doing-my computer skills doing or my computer is doing-PLEASE, i need to be convinced.
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