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Thread: Got my first Goose!!

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    Default Got my first Goose!!

    I only started hunting a few years ago and so today was another first - a goose! I have only ever hunted water and have gotten mallards and wood ducks but never a goose.

    Went out yesterday and saw lots of movement - ducks all over. Took a couple shots at some flying by at a good clip but maybe a little out of range, maybe I just missed who knows. The rest were out of range.

    So today I went back and setup in a spot maybe only 100 yards away but if they flew like yesterday then I would expect to be in their flight line. Well guess what - ZERO duck action. By 7am only saw 3 total - what a bust. So by 830 I said to myself enough of this at 9 I'm done. Well at 850 3 Geese come over the tree line across the small lake and start to head right at me. I have 4 goose decoys out on the water and about 15 ducks but i made sure to give the geese a bit of room. I guess I was nervous and excited because I shot before they landed, maybe a bit far. I guess after two days of going at it I didn't want them to maybe see me and spook. Well at least I landed one!
    Side note: someone must have either hunted their roosts or the 100s of shots I heard yesterday just took out all the local birds.

    So now the question is: What's your tips for cooking the damn thing?

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    Crockpot the legs....
    Cut the breasts into cutlet size portions, remove any ugly parts.... Beat, egg, bread, quick fry and finish off in the oven....
    "Everything is easy when you know how"
    "Meat is not grown in stores"

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    Great job! My first goose was not that long ago. I lucked into it because another hunter sky blasted the flock, turning them right toward me. Hunting over water for geese is not easy that's for sure.

    I haven't tried Frank's recipe yet but I have done a whole goose in my smoker nice and slow with the skin on, I've also done a goose chili by slow cooking the meat. There's been a few unsuccessful Attempts as well. Usually because I over cooked.

    If you divide the meat you can try a couple different things and see what you like.

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    Nice going congrats on the first.

    It sounded like a war going on last night just down the Rd . I was thinking there was 3 of them in a good Goose area.

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    sounds like a duck hunters version of buck fever :P
    glad to hear you connected on a goose! the more you get used to calling and letting them land the more you'll be comfortable with bringing them in nice and close. some hunts i end up taking out my long range and putting my mod in for that reason. you might end up hitting more ducks that way too

    i do most of my hunting between 10 and 2 and if you find out where they go after they feed, you'll see alot of action still.

    i treat my goose meat much like i do venison. it's dark and rich and great in stews, pulled over buns or cut like small steaks and thrown on the bbq. you can even cube them up for poppers. if you get enough of them you can also do up a batch of pepperettes.

    best of luck this season. im sure you'll hit a limit or doubles in no time!

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    congrats ! im looking to get mine this year. got skunked last year.

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    I got 3 on one of the early season days.
    I made goose jerky out out if them.

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