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Thread: Video: The Buck I Nicknamed 'One Side' - Ottawa (Oct. 3)

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    Default Video: The Buck I Nicknamed 'One Side' - Ottawa (Oct. 3)

    Hello All,

    Finally caught up with the buck I nicknamed 'One Side' late this evening. I was setting up a new trail cam site (making a mock scrape/licking branch and moving dead brush) and didn't notice that this fella was bedded down some 40 yards away just watching me. I've captured this guy on the cam plenty of times (he mysteriously lost his right antler back in July) but tonight was the first time to film him with my camera gear.


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    Pretty neat that he does not seem concerned about you being there, then gets up and just calmly walks away..

    What would likely have cause him to lose one antler?
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    bedding right beside the highway haha look at that. thats one thick deer. great video

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    He has an awesome brow tine! Even with just one side, he will be pretty tough to deal with for lesser bucks ....
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    Cheers, guys - yep, definitely a cool buck and plenty of character.

    greatwhite - my theory is a high-speed collision with a tree, but simply a guess. It happened back in July.

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