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    I'm so disgusted in our politics right now, I don't consider myself right or left, even though it's quickly becoming more like good vs evil then right vs left these days.
    The amount of misinformation by the mainstream media is astonishing and has the most effect on liberals, as most MSM are an extension of the liberal/dem's party.

    Reality is, an opinion is only as good as the facts that they're based on, therefore making most opinions from the left, absolute garbage. That's a fact.
    Not hard to see why people have short fuses these days. I'm afraid it's just the beginning.

    I've manufactured synthetic stocks for 30+ years and have seen all of the ups and downs from recessions to gun ban talks that influence sales. Over 90% of what l produce goes to the States. We won't run 7 days a week despite pressure to do so, we've been doing 6 days for months now and no chance of meeting demands.

    There has never been a time like we have right now in society for gun and ammo sales. It's telling and it's done in preparation for what people believe is coming. That's just my opinion lol.
    You're only as good as your first shot of the day. Know your limitations and make it count.
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    i use to browse the off topic forum more than i do now,
    now i try and stay away from it

    it seems like some of the guys in there are all for politic discussion and so on and to each their own. i do agree, this is a outdoors forum first and foremost and thats what i come here to do everyday talk about anything outdoors. kind of a buzzkill to see the offtopic forum is more active than the rest of the forum sometimes though.

    i do post in there once and a while but i swear thats the reason i deleted all the social media i have lol
    i cant be bothered to argue about politics in life anymore itll never end anyways
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