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    Morning fellow uplanders, like Birdbuff I was ecstatic and looking forward to Saturday as I was under the impression the conditions were prime for another excellent day of grousing compared to the previous weekend I had. Got to our spot @ 7;45 with just minimal rain on/off and some flurries on Hwy 11...we usually see the odd bird wondering around the edges of the road but not this morning which had me concerned. Long story short I had an opportunity to bag a set of 3 birds and managed just the 1 as I decided to bring the over/under and cause I dont use it enough I forgot the safety goes on automatically after each fire and you have to switch over the barrel selection , had it been my semi I would had bagged the 3. Set off another long trail and one flushed in thick/thick cover nearby that I could barely see....last bird flushed was almost at the end of the trail 20ft on a limb was I was pretty much underneath it and was caught off Birdbuff previously stated, what should have been good was the exact opposite...not sure if it was the barometric pressure/temp swing but something had them grounded in thick cover
    All in all, 4-5 hours on foot, 2 guys = 2 birds
    Oh well...deer season begins, always next year!

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    Something was definitely off this weekend, but still better than being at work. I’m hoping to give it one more try after deer gun season.

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