Digital Edition

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Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine is available in a digital edition. Not only do you get exclusive content, you can read it on your desktop or mobile device. Subscribe today!

If you’re already a subscriber check out the below video for tips on how to navigate your digital edition.


What is the digital edition?
The digital edition is an enhanced PDF. You can access it anywhere you have Internet access.

Do I need a special application or program to read the digital edition of the magazine?
No, whether you are on a desktop or mobile device, you just need Internet access. If you use a desktop, your browser needs to be Flash-enabled. Javascript and cookies must also be enabled.

How do I access the digital edition?
Click on the link in the notification email you will receive for each new issue or go to and log in. This process is the same whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device.

Why do you need my email address?
To set up your account and to send an email with a link to the digital version when each issue is published.

How is the digital edition different than the regular print version?
The digital edition is an enhanced version of print. It has all the same articles but offers exclusive videos, photo galleries, live links, and more, including:

  • instant access to every issue, often days earlier than you would receive the print version by mail
  • access to an archive of the last two years of OOD
  • download entire issues in a PDF or print out a page
  • access to Deer: The Master Guide to Hunting Whitetails and Walleye: The Master Guide — digital-special interest publications, only available to digital subscribers

Are digital archives available? If so, is there a charge to access them?
Yes! You get access to back issues dating from 2014 and two digital-only special interest publications. There is also an easy search function for finding specific content.

Do I need to download my digital magazine?
No, the digital edition is web-based, all you need is access to the Internet.

Can I download my digital magazine for viewing later?
Yes, to download a PDF version, simply log in and click on the faq-pdf function in the top toolbar. Please note, downloading the full PDF will give you an exact replica of the print magazine, it will not include extra digital features.

If I’m a current print subscriber, can I add digital?
Yes. You can add digital for an additional $5.95 a year here or call 1-800-361-0645 during regular business hours.

Can I convert my print subscription to a digital subscription?
Yes. Here you can choose the option to convert your subscription at no cost or call 1-800-361-0645 during regular business hours. If you decided you want to switch back to print simply call the same number.

Who can I contact with additional questions?
Email, or call 1-800-361-0645 during regular business hours. We want to help you fully enjoy your digital edition.