OOD’s 10 most popular articles in 2016

by Emily Walsh | December 22, 2016

2016 has been a year for the books, so we thought it would be fun to take a look back at what piqued your interest this year. Here are the ten most popular articles on oodmag.com over 2016:

1) Bill C-246 threatens hunting, trapping, and fishing – click here to read
hunter with bird and dog

2) UPDATED: Turkey hunting changes confirmed for 2017 – click here to read
turkey hunting changes

3) 5 Must-know moose calls – click here to read

4) Best water bets for 20 + pound pike – click here to read
man holding a monster pike

5) Hunter orange: The do’s and don’ts – click here to read
legal hunter orange

6) DIY: Easy odour absorber – click here to read

7) When to rattle, call, and do nothing at all – click here to read
Hunter rattling antlers

8) 4 Bad angling habits it’s time to stop – click here to read
Bad Angling Habit

9) 10 Ice Tips You’ve Never Heard – click here to read

10) The Only 3 Muskie Baits You Need – click here to read
Ben Beattie holding a muskie in a fishing boat.

We have lots of great new content coming in 2017! Stay tuned!

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