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UPDATE: CWD found in Quebec, sections closed

Quebec’s Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) has prohibited hunting, trapping, and fishing over a limited section of hunting zones 9 West and 10 East until Nov. 18, 2018…

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DIYs to improve your deer property

The most exciting part about my rural home is that I can hunt and live there. Here are some tools and strategies I’m using to ensure its deer property too

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6 Deer hunting reminders to keep in your sights

As rifle season opens for deer hunters across the province, visions of venison steaks and stews can start to make the mind wander. Before you head to camp or pull the trigger, glance over these safety tips and regulation reminders to keep yourself focused, safe, and within the rules.

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Six ways to transport deer in a pinch

Here are some innovations for moving deer we have used over the years…

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Butcher your deer: A complete guide

OOD’s Steve Galea breaks down butchering so you can do it yourself.

Dad and son.
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Photo Friday Winner – November 27

A little father and son bonding time

Gord Ellis and his 2014 Buck
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A well-earned buck after a long deer season

Confidence just isn’t enough sometimes

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Solid Advice for the All-Day Sit

It can be a harrowing experience, but sometimes it’s the only route to success.

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Photo Friday – November 14

Too bad we all couldn’t be this lucky!