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The seasons of the freezer

March 20 marked spring equinox…the day when hours of daylight and nighttime are approximately equal. Strangely enough, that same equilibrium holds true for my freezer.

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A cut above: Knife sharpening methods & products

From filleting fish to field dressing animals to whittling sticks, knives play a big role in our outdoor pursuits…Here’s a breakdown of three sharpening methods and products that will ensure your knives are ready to work when called upon.

Jeff Wenzler
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Photo Friday Winner – March 24, 2017

Congratulations to our Photo Friday winner Jeff Wenzler of Wheatley! Pictured is Jeff’s girl Koda patiently waiting for the geese to arrive…

March 2017
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March 2017 Solunar Calendar

Check out the March Solunar Calendar for the dates and times when fish and wildlife are most likely to be active.

buck hunt
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A buck hunt that worked

I stopped dead, and stared at the deer. It was a buck with the curl of its golden antlers visible. It had locked onto my position, but I didn’t move a muscle…

February Solunar
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February 2017 Solunar Calendar

Get the times when wildlife is most likely to be active with our solunar calendar.

warm tips - hunter
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5 Tips to keep hands and feet warm

There’s nothing worse than sitting stoic and still in a tree stand or on the frigid ice for hours on end. Here’s 5 ways to keep those fingers and toes warm and wiggling…

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Small game management and regulation changes on the way

Management and regulations of small game and fur-bearers will receive an overhaul if proposals in two provincial EBR notices are approved.

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Proposed changes to Migratory Birds Regulations could end baiting

Outdoor groups are encouraging waterfowlers to let their opinion be known on a proposal for Canada’s Migratory Birds Regulations that could end baiting.