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crazy - pike photo
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Crazy tricks to lure in fish

Having spent two decades travelling across Canada and making a living out of fishing, I’ve had to resort to some pretty crazy methods to make fish bite.

topwater - chug, prop, or walk
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Top choices for topwater summer smallmouth

Nothing is more enjoyable than watching a topwater work its magic on smallmouth, which makes these lures a fun and effective approach all summer long.

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Avoid these seven sins of fishing

Rookies and experienced anglers alike are guilty of making some common mistakes. Avoid these “sins” to get on your way to a more productive day on the water.

ice fishing accessories
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6 Ice fishing accessories you need to pack

These six accessories are light and compact to carry. Mix and match… and the result will be greater success on even the most challenging days on the ice.

Shallow Cranks for Largies
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Shallow cranks for largies: 7 tips for success

If you want to reel in those largemouth bass, knowing where to toss and how to use shallow running crankbaits could be your key to success.

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Fishing lures net big money for Fort Mac

Len Thompson Lures has raised over $20,000 for the victims of the Fort McMurray, Alberta forest fires.

muskie tackle
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Muskie tackle must-haves

Tackle muskie with gear advice from OOD’s Ben Beattie who shares his favourites for landing the big one.

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Muskie kickoff

Muskie season opener is around the corner and Ben Beattie shares the best places to fish for early Muskie.

tying deer hair
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Tying with deer hair

Since bass season is nearly upon us… Here are a few expert tips and a video that will help you, and me, tie better deer-hair flies.