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County Outfitters
More Hunting

In search of birds

Frank Dunlop of County Outfitters has five turkeys in the OFAH Wild Turkey Registry. I hope to tap into his expertise and harvest a real limb hanger…

A trio of trout

A trio of trout

An easy Quebec road trip to a sure thing.

Managing Editor Ray Blades, left, with guide Brian Sheppard with a tom.

Turkey time in central Ontario

Right on cue, three jakes come out of the ravine to Brian’s putts and purrs. With no hesitation, they strut directly towards the decoys.

Kyuquot - Fly fishing west coast1

Fly fishing in Kyuquot Sound ‘a life-altering experience’

Cohos, bears, and natural beauty on the wild west coast

Fishing the Nipigon

The fabled and fabulous Nipigon River

Anglers have returned to this area for decades

Turtle River

Casting out northwest of Atikokan

The beauty of paddling the Turtle River


The ducks of Walpole Island

A father and son trip to the marsh on Walpole Island for duck hunting.

kenora - Fishing tournament

Seeking out winning bass in Kenora

A major hub for summer activities

fish on the dock

Fishing Haliburton’s private wonderland

The Forest has a well-earned reputation for accessible trout