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Thread: FOUND: Along Conestogo River at Wallenstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by punkrockerpj View Post
    hey. i dont shotgun hunt but i had a thought.
    i fish the spot you're talking about and have had good luck. there's a part of the river that is public land and you only see minnonite families out there, but it's rare. say if i were to take a bow up there and hit a few geese hanging out by the river, would i be the first hunter to jump in there?
    I'd be completely out of sight from people and not tresspassing as all river is technically crown land. it's out in the middle of no where so there really is no law against firing a firearm, or is there?
    Might want to dig a little deeper into the area you are talking about... To my knowledge there is no "crown land" in the area. I suspect the area you are speaking of is either private property or GRCA property ... If you want to hunt GRCA property, you will need to contact them to purchase a permit and rules and guidelines. Hunting is not allowed on all GRCA properties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhitbyAlex View Post
    Did you leave a note where you found the item?
    Woukd have if there was a bulletin board.

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    Thats exactly what I was thinkin.....OFAH great oraganization but def a stupid idea!! If I lost something that was valuable (even if it was just to me) I would hope there would be more people out there that would try and return it to me out of the good of their heart not expecting a payout!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Houndlover View Post
    That sounds pretty stupid.

    Are you telling me you've never lost anything of value? I think what we need is honest people who will return what's not theres for free... No strings attached. How does it affect you whether or not someone eles takes good care of there stuff?

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    If ye dont need it and really wanna get rid of the item...maybe you can use some of what MArkD suggested and auction the item off and donate the cash to the OFAH..............or like ye said buy a new shotty lmao who doesnt love new guns and accessories.

    good on ye for tryin to return it to the owner tho.

    Quote Originally Posted by WayneGretzky99 View Post
    Never claimed. Coming up on a year since I found it. Looks like I'll have to buy a new gun to make use of what I found....

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