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Thread: Ontario Species list: what you guys got and what you want

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    Getting the hang of it

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    Longnose gar, Chinook Salmon, Fallfish and Round Goby have been added to my species list (y) Been a good year for fishing this year, lots of new species

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    Hmm... Lets see if I can get the old remembery cranked up and running...

    Lake Trout
    Brook Trout
    Rainbow Trout
    White Sucker
    Smallmouh Bass
    Largemouth Bass
    Rock Bass
    Yellow Perch
    Northern Pike
    Slimy Sculpin ( i think that species? It was a sculpin for sure)
    Creek Chub
    My father in law took me like nto a lake near Timmins that was full of blue coloured walleyes that left blue slime in the bottom of the boat. I dont think they were a seperate species, though.

    Edit: I was forgetting Brown Bullhead

    That's about it for caught species.

    As for bucket list,
    Maybe some Salmon out of Huron
    Atlantic Salmon
    Lake Sturgeon, but now they are protected, so probably not fish for them in Ontario.
    Maybe a trip for Auroras.
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    Getting the hang of it

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    Update: looking at old photos off the ol albums. 4 more added on my list.

    Saugeye, Finescale Dace, Golden Shiner and Mooneye

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