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Thread: Momma busted me

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    Default Momma busted me

    This was while I was hunting one of my canoe in sites this season in WMU 47:

    I watched them for about 15 minutes before the wind must of swirled as Momma stood straight up, looked at me, and then they all bolted. Date is correct, the time is off one hour - it is actually 630 pm.
    Bring a compass. It's awkward when you have to eat your friends.
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    it doesn’t take much scent.

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    Nice picture Joe. Iíve seen that myself more then Iíd like to admit. Hah! ��
    Over all my years hunting - lots of different critters - I think the wind swirls and changes directions more when Iím bear hunting. Why is that? Northern terrain? Time on stand? Bad luck? Hmmmm?
    I bathed and scrubbed till I bled. Bought all the fancy carbon clothes. Conditioned bears to accept me. Used cover scents. Yet occasionally I was getting caught. Occasionally was still to often for me. Grrrrr
    Bears were the main reason I started playing with ozone.
    Occasionally became rarely and I like those odds better.
    I hope your bigger bear shows up this fall for you and the boys!
    If you keep doing what you've always done. You'll keep getting what you've always got!
    Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

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