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Thread: Ottawa Area Mentoring, Small Game, Deer and Ducks 2018

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    Default Ottawa Area Mentoring, Small Game, Deer and Ducks 2018

    For those in the Ottawa area and further out, I am willing to host new hunters for weekend hunting. I had no one to mentor me and I made a lot of mistakes and wasted many opportunities to take game. To that end, I go out every weekend (mostly-unless wife put foot down) until Dec for all game listed in subject line.

    I hunt on crown (public) land and know many spots for hunting all game. I stay Fri-Sun so if you only have time for a morning hunt or an evening hunt, by all means join me. There is 22,000 acres of Public Land with legal hunting in Ottawa.

    Thru trial and error and reading I have learned how to spot signs of animals, what to look for and how to move when hunting. As a former soldier, I am very safe and stress safety right off the bat.

    I have all the gear needed for all types of hunting and can expose you to it and how I do hunts. I am by no means an "expert" but have learned valuable lessons to pass on.

    Rabbits/grouse/Crow/other small game
    Wild Edibles mushrooms/herbs/berries

    Since I am in location and camp all weekend, I have all that is needed to camp out at night, cook, clean, process game. IF you are to stay over at night, I have two tents to use and you would be welcome to share and use my camping gear. Not having this gear, should not take from your experience of wanting to try.

    You would need to have your own guns, ammo, licenses, food and water if staying. However, if you have all licenses, but donít have a gun I will lend you one. Pay me for the ammo and clean gun once used is my price.

    All the lands and locations I hunt are accessible by car. I am not a business nor do I charge anything for this help, just someone who wants to give back. The coffee is always on and I welcome anyone.

    Mark 613-863-5483 or Mark Snow (Ottawa) on Facebook.
    Mark Snow, Libertarian Nepean, for 2020, Ontario Libertarian Party

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    Anyone who wants to go with me I am good to go, my cell is up higher in the post. Add me and send me a text. I can show you all the areas I hunt on crown land and give you a tour of the crown I hunt.

    Once small game/duck opens I am in the woods every weekend in my truck camper. All the roads leading into my locations are generally safe for cars, last year Honda civics made it in all year. You do have to pick you way through some of the rougher road parts, because of rocks. I have not been out yet to assess the road and pond conditions in the Marlborough forest tracts yet as the gates do not open until 1st weekend in Sept.

    To give you an idea of a typical weekend routine. I am not a service or business, just really enjoy good times with safe and dedicated hunters.

    Arrive Friday afternoon and set up Truck camper, pop up shelter, BBQ, cleaning station on site and the following routine applies every weekend until deer season. Set out decoys and leave in place as I stay all weekend on the same ponds.

    Fri - Eve - Duck hunt until dark, supper, movies, fire, refreshment or 2.

    Sat Morn - Duck AM, off ponds at 9-10, big breakfast/brunch
    Sat - Late morn - early afternoon - road hunt for small game, rabbits, grouse and wild edibles
    Sat - Eve - Duck hunt til dark, supper movies, fire, refreshment or 2.

    Sun Morn - Duck AM, off ponds at 9-10, big breakfast/brunch (depending weather might stay for road hunt but generally leave after breakfast.

    Accommodations - I have a truck camper..The top bunk is mine, the table bunk is available, as well as the floor. You can bring a tent if wish, many have in the past two yrs, I have two extra with sleeping bags to use.

    Water transport - I have: to use and share. ( I have limited life jackets so use at own risk, plus 5 paddles)
    12 ft duck boat
    12 tinner
    14 ft canoe (all camo)

    The ponds I hunt have deep channels, tall reeds with some areas where you can stand in reeds beds. However, I suspect this year with high water, I will not be able to stand in reeds more than likely boat shooting (pulled up on reed beds for more stability) No pond is longer than 150M in length.

    Widest distance across ponds is 30 M, except one which is unlimited.

    Food, BYOB, Ammo, guns, camo, and licenses. I ask that everyone prove they are legal hunters to hunt with/together me. I will always show mine.

    I always have a 20 cup coffee percolator pot of coffee on to provide before and after hunts. I have coffee cream and sugar. Bring a cup, but, I have dollar store cups as well. If you come often, a donation of sugar or paper coffee cups would be appreciated. No toilet, but the woods and I carry TP all the time, and have a shovel if needed.

    Food wise, if you are staying the weekend, you are responsible for your own food stores. I have a full spice rack, and all the normal condiments to share or bring your own. I have a portable BBQ, propane burner for fries (big) and a stove in camper all propane. I also have a two burner naptha stove for extra cooking stations. I have propane lanterns as well for at night. But generally the fire provides enough light for outside. I collect wood scraps from building sites during the week. Any that you bring helps as well.

    I have a 5K Genny that I run during heavy uses, but my camper is off grid with solar power and battery storage for charging phones and stuff.

    I am into having a few drinks, but frown on heavy hung over and unsafe activities at any time. If you are a safety hazard to yourself, then you are to others as well. Like to make sure that does not happen.

    I cook many a meal out of duck/goose on site and a few can attest to the meals, Cream, red wine reductions, coconut duck meals are quite regular. All meals are served over bed of white rice. Typically ingredients are onion, peppers and carrots as veg additives. Please feel free to offer your own recipes, and cook your Fav meal for others.
    One of my buddies is the Head Chief at the Chateau Laurie..if he comes out you are in for a treat in cooking.

    One meal is always a steak for me, I bring one each weekend. Bacon and eggs, cereal whatever. Like I said, I have everything needed to cook about 4 meals at once (burners), and plate up to 8 people at time. Lots of cooking stations to use to help with meal preps.

    Most that come out get into the spirit and help with all the work, clean up and cooking.

    Last point, there is bears in the area and they have visited all sites I go to. I have never had a bad bear encounter, but I am always armed, except at camp or after dark (legally).

    Like I said earlier, stay the weekend, or show up for a morning hunt or evening and leave. Some guys have kids and are just happy to get out for morning/eve hunt. The coffee is always on, it is about hunting, learning and sharing good times with others.

    Mark 613-863-5483
    Mark Snow, Libertarian Nepean, for 2020, Ontario Libertarian Party

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    I am going to keep bumping this to the top. And other points.

    -I have 3 outdoor chairs.
    -Water for washing dishes comes from the ponds. If you need to shower, I have the shower in a bag, you heat up water in the big burner, grab a tarp and go don't want to fall into the will need to shower.
    -Drinking water needs to be brought in. For coffee water, I have a 5 gallon blue jug...go thru lots of coffee on
    -Walmart 24 pack of bottled water is $1.88.
    -I burn all paper and burnable garbage and have garbage on site, they get locked up at night.
    - Decoys I have 12 bigfoot land geese, 32 floater mallards and wood ducks, 3 floater goose. If you have decoys, then bring them. I have enough for one pond but will split up to cover two ponds.
    - it has been my experience, that those who sleep in camper...sleep hard and snore (me too), bring earplugs.
    - The back seat of my F250 is 6ft across and has been used to sleep in...see above
    - I have 2 of each goose/duck calls
    - The Primos cheap calls at CTC work, I have Capital Waterfowler goose/duck for long distance turning, but generally stick to cheap calls (as ponds are 70% pass/40% call patterns). If you are a caller, great, if not I can teach.
    - 3 life jackets only - If you have one or access to bring it. It is surprising how many people fall out.. Excitement, or non-familiar with canoes/boats.
    - A change of case you fall in, step on a solid weed bed..then go up to crotch on muck..everyday....
    -the camper has a heater, and works great to dry even duck coats and duck boots..if you can stand the smell in camper of nasty wet swamp/sweat socks. Better to hang dry footwear..
    -a spare pair of boots, or hip waders. I only use CTC Muck Boots, and buy felt extra liners, and silver colored inserts at Dollar store. 10 packs (felt pads/liners) for $20.00, cheap and burnable. You do not need to be high tech. The felt liners that (boots), come with dry quickly.
    -Camo requirements – Since 90% of all hunting is done standing in reeds, upper body, face and hand camo is a must. You can buy face shield, grease paint and cheap gloves at dollar tree and other stores. Bring a couple sets of gloves if it rains. Lower body is not that important, when in reeds.
    -I have no music on my phone, or stereo for camper. I like it but don't bring me. Love all kinds of music.
    - I have yet to be visited by a CO, so ensure to have a cheap gun sock (after dark), or a floating gun case...just saying...magnets work well to retrieve sunken guns.
    -the swamp muck on crotch deep
    Mark Snow, Libertarian Nepean, for 2020, Ontario Libertarian Party

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    Good on you for doing this Mark!

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    I may just run out to say hi, and hang out. Going to start carrying gear to work so not hard to go east instead of west.
    Take the warning labels off. Darwin will solve the problem.

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    I wish I lived near Ottawa I'd be all over this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Jack View Post
    Good on you for doing this Mark!
    My thoughts exactly, very generous !

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    I wish I lived closer to give you a hand and maybe learn a couple new things. I want to thank you for doing this for others that don't have the privilege/opportunity of doing it them selves. I had to learn by myself and i wish I had this type of opportunity
    "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, Teach a man to fish and he eats for the rest of his life"

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    I have been out and hunted with Marc on several occasions and can attest to both his extensive knowledge of the area and his hospitality. I highly recommend getting out for at least a hunt or two as the area has plenty of game.

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    Hi All,

    Been gone on vacation for two weeks and just returned today. I am there every weekend and this is crown land, so you if can get up and make a weekend out of it, come on down.
    Mark Snow, Libertarian Nepean, for 2020, Ontario Libertarian Party

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