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Thread: Rubber Nets

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    I have a true rubber net and its great for bass and panfish, have landed up to 10lb pike in it but as others have said the full rubber nets do not have as deep a basket so its a gamble w longer fish, lots of luck required to get that 10lber in the boat. The downside of these nets is the weight of them, the rubber is heavy. Its not a deal breaker because you really shouldnt be moving the net through the water that fast anyway,stabbing at or trying to scoop a fish is a surefire way to lose it, the angler should be leading the fish into the waiting net, getting your excited netman to understand that may be another issue.
    I also have one of the larger salmon sized rubber coated nylon nets, its nice and deep and could handle anything up to a mid size muskie I bet. Although its coated you do still get lures tangled in it, just not as bad. If iam landing a fish that requires the "big" net I am more than willing to deal with a tangle after the fact.

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    I've got a rubber net as well and have had no issues with it. I got it after remembering the frustrations I had with a nylon net. Disclaimer: bass walleye and pike under 30 inches are all I've landed with it. Maybe a max of just over 5 pounds.

    X2 on not stabbing the net at the fish... Lost more than one with an amateur net man doing that. But hey she's 9 I'll let it go.

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