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    Looking for a little info on moose hunting around Pickle Lake. We head up hunting for the last 2 weeks of the season. We hunt off snowmobiles. I have hunted 1C before we have a bull tag for there this year and We have decided to try 16a we have a cow tag for there as well. We hunt the burns and open water When we hunted 1c before and cuts in wmu 4 and open water when we get tags for there.
    Just looking for info on either wmu 16a or 1c around pickle lake. Any info may be helpful. Like where they winter any good cuts in 16a or maybe a good snowmobile/4 wheeler trail into or around pipe stone river provincial park. (I've heard the is a burn in there from 2011) I'd like to access. Or any tips on hunting or just your experiences in the area.
    Thanks everyone for your help.

    I know there aren't very many deer in those parts but u can just buy a doe or buck tag so I always get one. Any info on deer as well would be much appreciated.
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    I was there just one time for season opening about 20 years ago. The natives had their hunt finished. We didn't see any moose. All moose was chased away in areas you can't access. We tried to go by boat to find it to no success. Good luck.
    Since then I go on and off in 15A and we always get moose

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    Ya we usually hunt area 4 but when we don't get tags we head to pickle lake. Ya very few moose on any roads u can drive a truck to. We usually have top get 15 to 20 km off the main roads on sleds before we start seeing moose sign. That's why we head up at the end of the season everything is frozen and they usually have started the ice roads. Thank you for the info.

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