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    I have been shooting federal fusion 130 grain in my .270 the last couple years and have been pleased with the "acceptable" accuracy. I've taken deer the past 3 years with them. Well I decided to test a box of precision hunter eld-x 145 grain and was blown away from the accuracy. Anyone have field experience with these precisions on deer?

    Figured I'd try them this fall, but was very pleased with the accuracy. I've tested a number of bullets, rifle didn't like many of them. Fusions were fine, but provided these precisions work well I may be switching to them as my go to round.


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    MPSMYTH6 may I ask what make/model 270 your using? I have a sako 270 bavarian carbine in a 270 win and will be looking for a deer round for this fall. I've also been thinking about the hornady precision hunter as I could also use them for moose. What range were you shooting out too? And what were your groupings like?

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    I'm shooting a browning x-bolt hunter. I've tried a few types, including core-lokt 130gr, federal power shok 130gr, Hornady custom 150gr interlock, federal nosler partition 150gr, federal fusion 130gr and now the precision hunter 145gr.

    Nosler partition wasn't too bad, but fusion patterned better for my rifle. I've been using it and seems like identical ballistics to the precision hunter.

    Precision hunter held a tighter pattern for me. I plan to hit the farm and test a bit more, but in the pic you can see the fusion patter on the right and precision hunter at the bottom. Both are 4 shot groups at 100 yards. I have had better out of the fusion, just wasn't doing my job that group, but still haven't met that precision grouping with the fusion.

    Bullseye in London sells the precision for $45/box. I got my first box at cabela's for $55 not knowing they were cheaper elsewhere.

    Figure they are worth more range time and test on a deer this fall.

    Happy hunting.

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