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Thread: New sabotless bullet on the market for 50 cal shooters

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    Default New sabotless bullet on the market for 50 cal shooters

    Folks, this is one I have been waiting for.

    The bullet offered is a 325 grain star tip ML available from arrowhead sporting goods.

    These bullets start out as a .500 diameter projectile and are knurled to 503 diameter. They will also stand up to smokeless just fine. Veggie wads are available as well.

    If you want to get fancy an adjustable smooth form Swiglock Die in 50 cal is also available.

    Very promising and could make a heck of a difference in available range.

    I am going to order a box to try in a stock savage smokeless 10ml-II. Apparently they make very consistently small groups. Anybody that wants to save shipping can jump in on my order.
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    I see they have them priced rather resonably too...$50 for a lot of 50.... mind you a package of the veggie wads, exchange and s/h will add some. Still not bad it it performs as advertised.

    You see any range data on them yet ?
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    Would be interesting to see how they compare to maxi's for the traditional BP guns.
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    Apparently they have a B.C. of .21 which is pretty darn good. Bonded bullet as well.

    I’ve asked for real world results from folks who have tried them. Let’s see what they say.

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